For Anyone With Martial-Arts Motivation Problems

Do you need help with martial arts motivation? Is it difficult to find the time to practice? Do you know that you “should” be practicing a lot more? There is an easy way to start to overcome your particular challenge….Personal Martial-Arts ChallengesThere have been a few times in my life when I have lapsed in my martial-arts practice. Fortunately, I overcame my tendencies toward practice procrastination.And after years, I think I can help you, too….Let’s start the discussion with a couple of observations from the last few years in the Pascal household:- My daughter really wanted to be a gymnast when she was younger. She took a couple of years of formal classes. I noticed that no matter how much “Mom and Pop” tried, she wouldn’t practice outside of class.- Last year, she moved on to fencing. She loves it and wants to compete someday. Yet again, I have noticed that she won’t practice outside of class, even when Mom (Kate) is practicing. I have offered to help a zillion times.And so you don’t think that I am picking on little Quinn, here’s a personal observation:- As soon as I declare that I am on a diet, I feel deprived. Even if I am going to eat the same food that I had been eating for the previous week, just the label causes me to feel restricted. And I look to go off the diet as soon as possible … and the new way of eating disappears.Martial Arts TrainingSo, what does this have to do with martial-arts training?Well, the observations helped me to make a few educated guesses. And that was the first step in changing the behavior.You see, sometimes, we lack motivation, because we have told our brains over and over that something takes work, that it will take us out of our comfort zone, and that it will require a kind of effort that we just don’t have the will to act upon.So, how can we convince our brains to get motivated? At first, I suggest that we trick them.If you have to drive to go to martial arts class, combine the class with other errands that will take you to that part of town. Now, you aren’t trudging all the way over to class; you are just completing your errand/to-do list, and martial arts practice happens to be one item on the list.Or if just the thought of 100 kicks in a row is enough to plant your tush in the cushy chair and keep it planted, then try performing one kick a day … but in super slow motion.After all, you wouldn’t resist performing just one measly kick, would you? One? The idea, for now, is to sneak up on your lack of action.Oh, and by the way, you can’t just read about motivation. The thoughts have to be linked with actions … that’s what I am here for.

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